Tom Rogers

Director, Nerkle Business Modelling Solutions


Tom is a qualified Chartered Accountant based in Adelaide, South Australia, and has been operating as an independent consultant in the field of business modelling since early 2010. Tom has a strong and diverse background in management accounting as well as business modelling, with clients across an array of industries and having previously held management accounting and analyst positions in commerce and private practice.

Tom has extensive experience developing detailed business models for a variety of purposes and has worked successfully with top level management within organisations during model development to establish a strategic understanding, desired level of calculation detail and key model outputs for the required project.


“In a matter of weeks, Tom streamlined our budgeting process. We now use a single, centralised financial model, replacing over twenty separate input files used under our old process.

Through Tom’s work, we have gained much needed visibility around our monthly cash flow forecasting and balance sheet position. Tom’s methods are consistent, logical and easy to follow, making it a simple process to adjust our forecast when required.

Our new budget model also contains enhanced reporting outputs, facilitating communication and discussions with key stakeholders, including our board of directors and the AFL.”

 – Shane Smith, Chief Financial Officer, Port Adelaide Football Club


“We were impressed by Tom’s ability to quickly grasp our complex business operations and turn them into a user-friendly financial model which is now an integral part of our business.”

– Andrew Lane, Chief Financial Officer, Balco


“Tom’s work has provided the Radio Rentals Limited Group with structure and rigour in an environment (Excel-based) that had been lacking in this respect. His ability to follow complex calculations and deconstruct them to more user-friendly layouts is exemplary, as is his commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.”

– Brendan Devine, Chief Financial Officer, Radio Rentals