Welcome to Nerkle Business Modelling Solutions


Are you a business owner or CEO in need of assistance to develop a sound business model for your enterprise? Perhaps you’re a CFO or division manager trying to engineer a business solution through a myriad of spreadsheets, but failing to generate the results you need to make an informed decision?


You have come to the right place!


At Nerkle, we offer a highly specialised service, strategic business modelling solutions for small to large enterprises across Australia. We love numbers and spreadsheets and can assist you to develop a sound, easy to understand business modelling solution to suit your specific requirements.

From ongoing operating forecasts (short-term budgets, long-range strategic plans), project viability analysis (capital outlay, projected returns, NPV/IRR analysis), scenario and sensitivity analysis through to new business venture forecasting, investment alternative analysis and detailed cash flow forecasting – we have the skills and experience to help deliver any forecasting and reporting analysis solution you need to run your business successfully.

“In a matter of weeks, Tom streamlined our budgeting process. We now use a single, centralised financial model, replacing over twenty separate input files used under our old process.

Through Tom’s work, we have gained much needed visibility around our monthly cash flow forecasting and balance sheet position. Tom’s methods are consistent, logical and easy to follow, making it a simple process to adjust our forecast when required.

Our new budget model also contains enhanced reporting outputs, facilitating communication and discussions with key stakeholders, including our board of directors and the AFL.”

Shane Smith, Chief Financial Officer, Port Adelaide Football Club